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Okay, so I’ve decided to write my next blog and take it right back to the beginning. This one will be all about the day I found out, how I told my partner and parents and also gender reveals. I’m going to explain exactly how I was feeling throughout.

So, all my family and friends are well aware that I have been broody ever since I’ve been a teenager basically! I have ALWAYS wanted a baby.. I chose to do children’s nursing as I absolutely love caring for people and working with children, and what better job to combine the 2! Working every day with all the babies and children ever since I got with Freddie’s Dad (Sam), I was forever asking him for a baby. After many years we decided to just see what happens. A year had passed and still NOTHING! I wasn’t even having a regular cycle. I was getting so fed up. Of course the worst was crossing my mind, by this point it seemed to be taking foreverrrrrr!! I decided it was time for a trip to the GP who started tests on me. I went for an ultrasound and bloods and they just weren’t sure what was happening. I was told I was stuck in the ‘doing nothing stage’ of my cycle but they weren’t sure why. Obviously by this point I really was thinking the worst now. I think it’s most girls worst nightmare to be told they are unable to have a baby. I can’t even imagine how it must feel to be told that! So I got sent home as they told me to wait and see what happened and go back in a few months for a further referral if nothing changed. I literally wanted to scream at them like are you actually joking!? I’ve waited a year and nothing is happening. They also told me to not stress.. yeah, okay then, that’s a lot easier said that done isn’t it really though. I knew it wasn’t helping, but it was super busy at work and my grandma wasn’t very well.. so I not only had that stress, but I had the stress of what was happening as well. I literally just didn’t know what to do anymore apart from just wait it out a bit longer.

On March 14th, I got up and got ready for work like any other day. I had been moaning to Sam for a few weeks now, like I felt I was going to come on but nothing was happening. The weekend before I was doubled over in pain so I thought surely it must be time and it would have been a good sign for me! That morning I didn’t know what it was, but my head was telling me to do a pregnancy test. When I did it I could see what looked liked to me, a faint second line. I sent it to my best friend who basically replied and told me I was crazy as it wasn’t faint, it was a definite second line! I told her I would get more tests to make sure. I just couldn’t believe it so I chose not to. I didn’t want to get my hopes up for no reason. Off I went to work thinking absolutely nothing of it, she was texting me all day to see if I had done one yet, my reply was always no haha. I just didn’t believe it. I finally bought a clear blue digital test and there it was.. 2-3 weeks! At this point, I then didn’t know how to feel.. I was overwhelmed/ scared but absolutely over the moon. I decided to head off to the shops to buy stuff for a little reveal for Sam. I told him I had a surprise for him when he got home. He came in from work and I shouted “no you can’t come in yet!” He actually replied ‘OMG you’ve finally got us a coffee table haven’t you’. He had been banging on about one for months.. he actually thought I was building it for him to see! Little did he know his life was about to change. Finally, in he came and this was on the table waiting for him..

The look on his face said it all, I could see how happy he was yet how scared he was at the same time. He literally did not expect it! In fact he even said to me ‘no your not’.

So that’s the day we found out.. we decided not to tell family until our 12 week scan, 1 for our own reassurance and 2 to make them something nice. Well, thanks to Sam, it didn’t quite work out that way! A few weekends after we found out, he went on a stag do in Hamburg. Wellll… Sam and alcohol means all the secrets come flying out. I got it, he was just so excited and super proud. Sam also failed to tell them that we weren’t telling anyone yet! So one night when one of them bumped into my sister on a night out and she was upset, he decided to try and cheer her up by saying “but at least your going to be an auntie”. I then had a drunken sister on the phone in floods of tears asking if I was pregnant!! I kept replying no but the next day the guilt took over, so we decided to tell her. We made her swear not to tell mum. However we found out by that point that she had already also rang mum drunk saying Rachael’s pregnant and she hasn’t told us. Alex… this shoutout is for you.. thank you so much for letting my family know I was pregnant before we told them. Your the best friend ever!!!

Anyways, we decided to tell my sister to lie to mum to say she got it wrong, he was winding her up.. obviously my mum kept asking a lot of questions.

Finally the day of the 12 week scan arrived. The 4th of May! I was so excited to see my little baby! I kept saying to sam though, what if it’s wrong? What if I’m not even pregnant? He obviously told me to stop being so silly! I still couldn’t quite believe it. We both said how real it finally became as soon as we saw this little baby appear on the screen. Reality definitely kicked in! It was actually happening. We were having a baby!! That evening we went round to see our parents and tell them the exciting news.. I made up little packages!

Obviously everyone was absolutely over the moon! (Even if my family did already know, thanks again Alex). I say over the moon, my dads not the affectionate type so he actually proceeded to do the dishes until my mum said ‘are you not going to have a look at the scan’ for him to reply “oh aye!!” I decided to tell my close friends by saying nothing but sending them all a photo of the scan picture. I think they have been waiting for that day as long as I had! However I had a nightmare forever thinking up excuses as to why I wasn’t drinking, or going to spinning that night I think the odd ones had worked it out! There’s only so many excuses I could think of for that long!!

So from the beginning I had the strongest feeling I was having a baby boy. Even before I was pregnant I thought I would always have a baby boy first. Obviously we HAD to find out.. and I found out I was right.. I was growing a beautiful healthy baby boy. I’ve never ever been so happy. My body was doing this.. how amazing is that seriously?

I wanted to do a gender reveal. I loveee the balloon idea but I wanted to try do something a bit different.. so I decided to do glitter! I am a huge glitter fan. I took photos and posted them on social media to let everyone know we were having a boy..

I absolutely loved thinking of ways of letting people know and beginning to buy stuff for my baby boy. I knew he was going to be so spoilt by not only us but by our families too!

Since I hadn’t seen my baby since the 20 week scan we decided to buy a 4D scan. We went to window to the womb and it was absolutely amazing! The people were so lovely and welcoming, and the scan photos were just amazing. The room was so relaxing too and I could take my family in with me. Some people love them, some people think they are strange.. for anyone sitting on the fence I would say do it! I was so pleased I got mine. It just made me even more excited to meet my little one!

Look at those cheeeeeks!!!

I absolutely love seeing all the creative ways people announce their pregnancies and genders, so please feel free to let me know how you did yours!

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    • June 19, 2018 / 7:24 pm

      Well done for making it to the end πŸ˜‚ I thought this one was too long hahah thank youuu ❀️

  1. Jess Holmes
    June 19, 2018 / 7:35 pm

    Aww amazing !! I love reading about Amelia’s birthday twin πŸ’™πŸ’œ loving the blog xx

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