Nuby must haves! 🖤

This was a blog I just HAD to write. After recently trying some new Nuby products, I have found some things that I feel EVERY mum must have!

Obviously I have come across Nuby before.. but I was lucky enough to try some of their stuff I hadn’t previously bought and so far I have been very very impressed!

Travel booster seat

If you don’t have one of these.. I seriously suggest you get one! What a handy little thing this is to have. I decided to test it the first time whilst we were out having a meal. I’m not a huge fan of the wooden high chairs they always have, I feel Freddie just looks uncomfortable. So instead I asked for a chair and popped this on! And WOW!! Freddie absolutely loved being sat at the table with us. This weighs honestly next to nothing so it wasn’t a problem having to take something extra with us. It fit underneath his pram anyways. It was so easy to just unfold and then strap onto the chair! He looked so comfortable in it. And of course as any parent will know food and babies is just one big MESS! Well the cover of this literally unzips and you can pop it in the washing machine! It’s actually easier cleaning this than it is our high chair. It’s honestly amazing, and a definite must have for any parent!

Sat nicely reading his book!

Grip ‘n’ sip cup

I’ve had a nightmare getting Freddie to drink water! We were using the tommee tippee cup but he just wouldn’t properly take to it! He did drink some but I just couldn’t get him to drink much out of it. I tried this cup from Nuby and he seems to LOVE it! He’s drinking so much more water now. With it being soft as well he does seem to quite like biting down on it. It just seems so much nicer and softer for his gums. I definitely need more of these!

(Yes I do have a lazy child who won’t properly hold his cup yet!)

Changing bag

Guyssss… if you don’t have this changing bag why not!? Everyone seriously needs one it is AMAZING! Even my partner is super impressed with it! It’s stylish, easy to use and has so much space. I’m honestly such a big fan of this changing bag. Definitely the best one I’ve ever had. I can not recommend this one enough to people! It’s not like my other changing bag which is like a bottomless pit either and can’t find anything, it’s got loads of different sections inside the bag so you can organise it all! I just LOVE it!

This blanket is also gorgeous which is of course Nuby! This particular design is limited edition and exclusive to boots. So if you love this style I would be quick, just incase! They also have other designs and both the blanket and changing bag can be bought on amazon!

If I’m being completely honest I could go on about amazing Nuby products forever! You should also give their muslin bibs a try, teething stuff, and other weaning stuff! Such a good brand, I’m honestly a big fan 🖤

And Freddie is also a huge fan 🖤


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