Snuz Pouch Review πŸ–€

I was lucky enough to be gifted a Snuz Pouch to try and see what I thought of it.

For anyone who doesn’t know what a Snuz Pouch is, it’s a sleeping bag for babies. It comes in loads of different sizes, patterns and colours.. so there’s definitely something for everyone!

Personally I have always used a sleeping bag for Freddie. There was too many risks involved with using blanket for me and it just made me anxious. So I knew as long as Freddie’s head couldn’t slip below the neckline then I wasn’t worrying about things on his face!

Even though I’ve always used sleeping bags I had never actually owned a Snuz Pouch, and let me tell you now.. I am so upset about this! I wish I had one from Freddie being a newborn! My favourite feature ever on it, which no sleeping bag I owned had was definitely the extra zip and flap to change nappies! This feature is an absolute game changer!! It makes changing nappies during the night sooooo much easier.

The Snuz Pouch also comes with different togs so it can be suitable for all year round. You can get a light weight one for summer, or a warmer one for winter!

I will definitely be purchasing more of these, I’ve got my eye on a few more of their designs! And it’s going on my newborn must haves! So if your due a baby, have a baby, or know someone having a baby (it would make a great gift) I suggest you purchase one! It’s honestly worth every penny! You can get them from the link below…

Nice big morning stretch 😍

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