Whisbear review πŸ–€

I was lucky enough to be gifted a Whisbear to review, so I wanted to share with you all how we have got on with it so far!

I will start off with.. what is Whisbear?

Whisbear is a humming bear sleep aid which also has a cry sensor! It monitors background noise throughout the night and it recognises your baby’s cry to automatically switch back on again! Whisbear plays pink noise which is actually softer than white noise. It plays noises which would have been familiar to your baby in the womb. Helping them feel a bit safer and the environment familiar. It is also a sensory teddy for your baby to play with! It has crinkling ears and paws, along with different colours and textures! It also has magnets in the paws so you can attach it to the side of the cot easily! Which I absolutely love.

His face actually says it all 😍

I absolutely love the design of the Whisbear! I think it’s so cute and Freddie seems to love it too. One of the first things Freddie does on a morning is actually stands up and gets his Whisbear down so he can have a play with it! It’s actually the cutest thing. I love how the Whisbear kicks in when Freddie starts crying, on numerous occasions it has helped to settle Freddie back off to sleep. I am not saying that I haven’t still had to get out of bed at times as I have! But I have noticed an improvement in Freddie going back off to sleep on his own. Whenever I put the Whisbear on with his bedtime bottle he seems to know it’s bedtime. It’s been a part of our bedtime routine now which is important for Freddie so he understands.

I always promised my blog would be truthful, and it always will be. I do not want people thinking that I’m saying Freddie is now sleeping through and this is what made him do it. Unfortunately Freddie still doesn’t sleep through, and we still have rough nights! Freddie is still teething so sometimes wakes up and I need to go and settle him back off. But I still stand by that this has definitely helped settle Freddie if he is just waking up during the night but doesn’t actually want anything. The noise it plays does have a very calming effect. I think it’s amazing to help settle your baby. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!

They also do a Whisbird design which is also so cute! This one is super handy if your going out and about and want something a bit smaller!

Overall we are a fan of Whisbear! And we are so pleased it came into our lives πŸ–€

Helping us get a more peaceful nights sleep!


  1. August 15, 2018 / 8:19 pm

    These look really good! And that photo of him cuddling it is just the cutest!

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