9 month update 🖤

Can we all just take a second here.. I can’t actually believe my baby is 9 months today! This year is passing by within the blink of an eye, but it is shaping out to be the best year EVER!

So I thought I would give you an update of what my gorgeous little boy does at 9 months old. Let’s all remember though every single baby develops differently! So Freddie may do things some baby’s don’t, and he might not do somethings other baby’s do. That’s absolutely fine, they all do things in their own time when they are ready.

So in the past month, he has learnt to do quite a lot! I now have a crawler.. let me tell you, I need eyes EVERYWHERE!!! He is so fast! He also pulls himself up on furniture and walks around it, he climbs up stairs.. and he’s quite cheeky! He shakes his head at me sometimes when I ask him a question, and sometimes replies with ‘yeah’ (although I don’t think he knows what he’s actually saying). He absolutely loves making a mess if he can, and touching things he know he shouldn’t be!

Recently when I sing wind the bobbin up Freddie copies my moves (not quite the same but he tries). He also loves a good dance to music, he’s got a great head bob! He is extremely vocal! He loves saying mama and has recently started saying Da. He lets off such a load happy squeal everywhere to get peoples attention! He actually loves to be the centre of attention.

I am so so proud of him, I can’t actually believe that I produced such a beautiful clever cheeky little baby. I actually couldn’t have asked for a more perfect baby. He’s such a chilled out boy (don’t get me wrong he has his moments!) He also hasn’t quite mastered sleeping through yet either!

This boy is my absolute world 🖤 I love him so much!

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