Eczema and us 🖤

Ever since the beginning I have tried to be really careful with Freddie's skin.. both me and Sam had childhood eczema! I was seeing if I could manage to prevent it.. When Freddie was around 3 months old I was starting to notice a lot of dry patches appearing! I had heard such good things... Continue Reading →

10 month update 🖤

So I realise I'm a week late with this one! But better late than never hey? A week ago my gorgeous little boy turned 10 months old.. 10 months, double figures!! I can't actually believe it! Time seems to literally be flying by me. He still amazes me every single day! He's starting to copy... Continue Reading →

Bakerdays 🖤

Sam's birthday was fast approaching, and I felt so unorganised! This is not like me.. I normally have all his presents and his surprises sorted (Sam is my partner not my child for anyone who doesn't know). I absolutely love to surprise and spoil him for his birthday. But now with having a baby we... Continue Reading →

My c-section recovery 🖤

Whenever anyone thinks of labour, I'm sure most people don't think it will end in an emergency c-section! I used to watch all the one born every minute programmes, but it never crossed my mind that I would have an emergency. I went into labour very open minded, everyone is different and you don't know... Continue Reading →

Little Butterfly London 🖤

I was gifted these gorgeous items from Little Butterfly London to try! I was so excited to try them! Can we first of all just talk about his packaging? How cute is it seriously. It's so simple but effective! I always think the packaging really helps to make the product. It makes you want to... Continue Reading →

Back to work 🖤

My maternity leave is fast approaching the end, and I am absolutely gutted! I go back to work on 19th November.. just after Freddie's first birthday! Do not get me wrong, I am one of those lucky people who LOVE their job, but I will seriously miss spending after day with my little side kick.... Continue Reading →

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