Little Butterfly London πŸ–€

I was gifted these gorgeous items from Little Butterfly London to try! I was so excited to try them!

Can we first of all just talk about his packaging? How cute is it seriously. It’s so simple but effective! I always think the packaging really helps to make the product. It makes you want to buy it when things look good, this packaging has definitely done that.

All nicely packaged πŸ–€[[

The first product I tried just had to be the brightening anti-oxidant serum. It’s rare I ever get anything for myself anymore, so I was so excited. Can I just say.. it does exactly what it says in the name! My skin was absolutely glowing! I can’t recommend this product enough. It’s so lightweight it doesn’t feel like your putting something horrible and heavy on your skin like I find some skin care products do. I literally just dropped it on my face and rubbed it in and it felt amazing. I have loved using it before my make up to give myself a bright smooth canvas before applying the make up! If your wanting to give your skin a healthy glow, I would definitely recommend buying this!

The next thing we received was some baby massage oil! I don’t know about you, but me and Freddie love baby massage. We went along to classes to do it. Although some days he just wants to be on the go, other days it is so relaxing for both of us. I think baby massage is such an amazing way to bond. This baby oil is organic and has been created for baby’s with sensitive skin. Freddie has eczema so I’m always worried about putting anything on his skin, but this was absolutely fine. There has been no problem at all since using it.

We were also sent a sample of the nappy cream to try, again it is completely organic and made for a baby’s sensitive skin. We all know as parents that nappy rash can be just awful! And trying to find something to help can be just as stressful! I loved this nappy cream, it was made to promote healing and it definitely does that!

If you want to buy any of these products, or fancy having a look at some more amazing products they sell.. click the link below πŸ–€

Little Butterfly London πŸ–€

I promise you I only ever say how I feel, and these products have been amazing! I’m a big fan of this company now! I hadn’t actually tried anything from them before hand.. but I definitely want to try some more!



  1. September 10, 2018 / 6:40 pm

    Great blog post Rachael!! We’ve tried the massage oil it’s so good! But I didn’t realise they I’d skincare products for us mums too. Xxx

    • September 11, 2018 / 11:24 am

      Oh yeahhhh! Definitely treat yourself haha I love it! Xxx

  2. Charlotte
    September 11, 2018 / 9:46 am

    Loved reading this. I want some πŸ˜€πŸ˜

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