Eczema and us πŸ–€

Ever since the beginning I have tried to be really careful with Freddie’s skin.. both me and Sam had childhood eczema! I was seeing if I could manage to prevent it..

When Freddie was around 3 months old I was starting to notice a lot of dry patches appearing! I had heard such good things about childsfarm from other people that I decided to try that before going to the doctors. Although it seemed to help a little, it still looked so sore! And I just kept thinking about how uncomfortable I used to be so how awful it must be for him as a baby and he can’t even tell me! I decided to make an appointment with the GP. I was given some zero base to put on his skin. I was told to apply it as much as possible until it was getting better. Thankfully it started to improve! Once it improved, we continued to use childsfarm in the bath and as moisturiser as it really is amazing! Just unfortunately it wasn’t good enough to help how bad his skin had got! We have also found aveeno a good brand to use too.

Some children grow out of eczema, some don’t! The signs to looks out for is a red dry rash. It may be noticeable if you see your child itching too, with Freddie being a baby he didn’t actually itch his.

My main challenge now is to try and control it. I have to be sooooo careful what I put on Freddie’s skin now. I have noticed that some things definitely make it flare up again. When I worked on a Children’s ward I used to see the extreme cases of eczema.. it just looked so painful! I learnt all about wraps and steroid creams for their skin. My heart just went out to them, I found mine bad enough! What they were going through must have just been awful! No one wants that for their baby. So I have been determined to try and prevent it from ever getting to this (sometimes it’s out of our hands though!) Some people try everything they can possible and it may still come to this.

I had to change bath time a little and the products that we use. Sometimes a bath in just water was needed so I’m not putting anything on his skin when it is bad. I have found a lot of sensitive products seem to be okay so far.. but the odd ones have definitely made it worse!

This is a flair up however this one is actually on the mend!

I always apply a fair bit of cream directly into the effected area and I massage it in for him. To be honest.. he loves it.. who doesn’t love a massage?

Freddie’s eczema has just become apart of our routine, we just adapt it to suit us. It’s always a part of our bedtime routine as it’s the easiest time to get Freddie to stay still to be perfectly honest.

So one of Freddie’s triggers seems to be when he’s unwell! It seems to flare up his eczema. The other is as mentioned before, what is used on his skin.

We were lucky enough to be sent some products from Epaderm to try. What I love about this brand is that it can be used as a soap and a moisturiser! It means that on nights I was only going to use water I can actually use this cream to help his eczema. The cream is nice and thick which makes it so easy to apply and rub in. It amazing for bringing some moisture back into his skin!

These creams can be used on any age child! It’s one of the best creams to actually be using on you child’s eczema. No I’m not just saying that either, I really do want to help any parent out there with a child with eczema! However on saying that don’t forget what works amazing for one person may not work as well for someone else! You don’t always need creams on prescription for eczema, sometimes it can be managed with creams you can get from your local supermarkets.

I promise you, once you find what works for you.. it gets so much easier. Just make sure you set it in your routine. Don’t suddenly stop doing it because their skin is clear! Keep on top of it all to prevent having to go to the GP and for things to become worse!


This post is part of an Epaderm competition! #onetwofreeyourskin


  1. Jess Holmes
    September 30, 2018 / 7:52 pm

    Poor Freddie. Those pictures look just like Amelia’s !! I found sun cream over the summer would flare Amelia’s up, and recently the change in temperature. On the days where it’s been pretty cold her arms and thighs seem to flare it more. At the moment Aveeno seems to be working well for her, she has cream given by the doctors which we use on effected areas but aveeno as a general lotion x

  2. October 1, 2018 / 10:12 am

    Aww Freddie! Eczema has become so common in babies lately. Really must be so uncomfortable for them. I really hope it clears for him soon.
    Teddy used to have very mild excema when he was a baby but it cleared up within a week or two of using Child’s Farm. But as you said, what might work for one child may not work for another xx

    • October 2, 2018 / 3:45 pm

      Yeah definitely! It’s so hard isn’t it and all about finding what works for you xx

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