Cold and Flu season πŸ–€

This blog post idea was triggered by Freddie being unwell at the moment. Although I am a Children’s Nurse.. it’s reminded me how different and difficult it is when it’s your own baby who is poorly! So what I’ve decided to do is write this blog post on what I’ve been doing and the things that have helped us. This is in the hope that I can help some parents out there when their children are poorly!

Although Freddie has ‘just a cold’ or something viral, whatever you want to call it.. it has been breaking my heart seeing him poorly. He’s just so helpless and I also feel helpless because I just want to help him and make him better. In reality there isn’t anything to quickly cure something which is viral like antibiotics or other medicines. As gutting as that is to hear, it’s all about just trying to help however you can. I feel it’s so much harder when it’s your little one poorly compared to when your poorly. At least I can communicate exactly how I’m feeling and know in myself when to go and see the GP. Obviously with Freddie that’s impossible. He’s so clingy at the moment and just keeps moaning. It’s horrible for both of us! Clearly worse for him than it is me. I have however wanted to cry with him, just because I don’t actually know what else to do!

Here’s some of my top buys which I have found helpful..

Calpol plug in- if you don’t have one of these I highly recommend getting one! It’s a vapour plug in and nightlight which releases lavender and camomile to help clear clear your babies breathing. We all know that a nighttime seems to be the worst time when you have a cold! I found this really helps Freddie to sleep that little bit better!

Snuffle babe vapour rub- this is used to help relieve nasal congestion. There’s a few different ways you can use this. I rub a little bit on Freddie’s chest and the bottom of his feet before bed. Again this is to try and make breathing a bit easier for Freddie when he’s asleep. We all know how annoying a blocked and runny nose is! If you don’t have a calpol plug in you can also get Snuffle babe in drops which you can drop onto a damp cloth and pop it over the radiator to get into the air!

ASDA baby vapour bubble bath- I had never used this until last night, but I have heard nothing but good things about it! And when your baby is poorly we will try anything to relieve some of it! This is used in the bath to try and soothe and comfort your baby before bed. It smells so nice. When I read it I was expecting it to be an eye stinger! But it has a no tears formula! I’m going to be stocking up on this for the winter!

Calpol and Neurofen- I would get stocked up on these if I were you! I try my best to not use medicine unless it is necessary. When I have a cold I know how rubbish and achy I feel so I’ve been giving Freddie a bit of Calpol. He’s started with a temperature now though so I’ve been using both to help bring this down. Don’t forget you can use these both together but they have to be used differently! Calpol can be given every 4-6 hours (4 times in 24 hours), Neurofen can be given every 6-8 hours (3 times in 24 hours). I try and alternate them where I can do that he hopefully has something in his system to try keep his temperature down! If your struggling to bring a temperature down with these please go and see your GP.

Nasal aspirator- I personally haven’t had to use ours yet.. Freddie’s nose has been running like a tap but has been easy enough to clear away! There are so many different brands and makes of these and I think they are such a great idea.. maybe a little minging! But a great idea non the less. Seen as our poor little babies can’t blow their nose, which must be awful! We can give them a little helping hand to clear the snot out of their nose! You can get ones that you do yourself and even electric ones. It literally just suctions the snot out of their nose!

Plenty of fluids- fluids, fluids and more fluids!! If your baby doesn’t want to eat please don’t worry about that. Just concentrate on making sure they are getting fluids. You need to make sure you keep them hydrated. Keep an eye on their nappies and make sure they are having wet nappies. There should be at least 1 every 12 hours.. at least!! If your baby does not seem to be passing urine please go and get them seen to as soon as possible as it’s a sign of dehydration. If they are going off their bottles even try and syringe some water into them if that’s the only way they will take it.

Snacks, coffee, chocolate, crisps- no these aren’t for the baby, they are for you to get you through!!!

Signs of respiratory distress..

Even though we can manage a cold at home, it’s still important to look out for these signs and get your baby seen to. Just remember you know your baby best!! If they seem to be working really hard to breathe you need to get them checked over. Some things you can look out for are:

Grunting- this is a noise which can be heard when your baby is exhaling.

Nasal flaring- this is where the opening of the nose spreads open whilst they are breathing.

Signs of recession- this is where your baby is using accessory muscle to help breathing. If your baby seems to be using the muscles of their neck to breathe, or you notice sucking in between the ribs.. these are signs of recession.

Increased breathing rate- if your baby seems to be breathing extremely quickly this is also another sign. Babies do breath quicker than adults, but you will notice the change.

In any of these cases please seek medical advice as soon as you can! Even if there’s none of these signs but you want to see someone, that is still totally fine! I went with Freddie to the GPS yesterday more for my own peace of mind. It’s hard trying to second guess with someone who can’t tell you properly. So I felt more at ease when the doctor listened to Freddie’s chest and I was told it was clear. Obviously things could still change so I’m always keeping a close eye on him!

Plenty of snuggles for both of you is the main thing that will get you all through! I’ve been absolutely loving the cuddles I’ve been getting seen as Freddie doesn’t tend to sit on my knee or cuddle me anymore.

Hopefully it will all be over before you both know it πŸ–€


    • October 9, 2018 / 9:12 pm

      Aww thank you ❀️ they are good aren’t they x

  1. October 10, 2018 / 8:42 am

    Lovely post as always, lots of helpful tips there. Need to try the vapour bath. And I’ve never heard of the calpol plugin before, it sounds fab! Hope little Freddie is much better for you. There’s nothing worse than when our babies are poorly xx

  2. Katie
    November 4, 2018 / 5:53 pm

    I love Asda’s vapour bath.. I often ise it for myself as well as Oliver πŸ™Š
    I didn’t know all of those signs about breathing so thank you!

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