Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender πŸ–€

We were lucky enough to be gifted the Tommee Tippee steamer blender to try and review.

Even Freddie was amazed when I told him what it does!

So firstly, if you want to make your weaning journey as easy as possible.. I suggest you go out to the shop and get one of these! Or order it online, I know we all do a lot of that now. This machine has actually made my life soooo much easier! The reason I really wanted to try it is.. if anyone is anything like me I ALWAYS over cook vegetables. I just get distracted and before I know it they are so soft. I mean, I don’t mind them like that.. but nutrients wise I’ve probably boiled a lot of them out!!! So with this you can just pop your vegetables in, set a timer, leave it to do its thing.. then tadaaaa it’s done! You can also use it for meat and fish too, it’s amazing!

What’s in the box?

So inside the box you get..

-The steamer blender itself

-Freezable pots

-1 spatular

-1 recipe booklet


All stuff which is super handy!

Do you want to know what another major selling point is for me.. LESS DISHES!! Does anyone else hate washing up as much as me? I don’t mind cooking at all but the cleaning after is just awful! That’s what made this ideal. I would be cooking my stuff, then cooking some of Freddie’s in different pans.. then having to transfer it into a dish to blend down! So I then had to clean all that up. This is just ideal!! So once it’s all steamed you can then change it to blending mode where it will sort it right out for you! You can pick different times to make the right consistency for your baby through the different stages of weaning. Then you can pop it in the pots and freeze any left overs ready for next time. It’s just perfect!!

So overall, this piece of equipment is easy to use, not too big and bulky (so don’t worry about finding somewhere to store it or your kitchen side space), less washing, time saving and your not overcooking the food! Which means your keeping the nutrients in the food for your baby. This is why I still use this for Freddie.. even though I don’t blend is food anymore it means I can make sure his is cooked keeping all the goodness he needs!

It’s a weaning must have! πŸ–€

Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender

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