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I was so excited to be gifted something from Messy Me Designs. I knew I wasn’t the tidiest person in the world.. but WOW how much mess do babies make seriously!?

I didn’t realise how much stuff would be messy! The eating.. he throws it on the floor, the playing.. he throws stuff all around, the moving with messy things in his hands! It honestly never ends!

The first thing that caught my eye which I knew was 100% necessary was a splash mat! I couldn’t wait to use this at meal times to save my poor floor. Freddie LOVES food so I didn’t think he would ever want to waste any! But what he’s started to do is throwing it on the floor when he is finished. I mean, why not just throw your food on the floor once your done?

It is just amazing to protect my floor! I was finding marks on my floor from things like strawberries being launched onto it. Obviously I had to get grey to match my house.. but there’s plenty of different designs you can choose from. The Messy Mat can be used on the floor or even on your table! It folds up nice and small so doesn’t take a huge amount of storage space. It is so easy to just wipe clean! It can also be machine washed with up to 30 degree heat. I also found this amazing when it came to messy play!!! Messy play in my house always scares me because of the mess.. but this proved extremely handy for pumpkin carving!

The next thing I wanted to try is what you can already see in those photos.. a messy me tunic! Again, I obviously had to get the matching one.. but there was so many amazing designs to choose from! Being able to just wipe down the mess of this is amazing. I spend quite a lot of money on Freddie’s clothes (best dressed kid ever!) So it breaks my heart when food or anything messy gets on them! So this has been an absolute life saver. Again this can also be washed in the machine up to 30 degrees!

If you check out the website there are LOADS of different things you can get from bibs to aprons, messy mats to high chair inserts! If you want an easier cleaner life.. make sure you get something from Messy Me Designs.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Rachael πŸ–€



  1. November 13, 2018 / 10:49 pm

    I definitely need to get one of these. I’m glad it’s not just my son who likes to throw his food on the floor when he’s finished πŸ˜‚ annoying isn’t it xx

  2. November 14, 2018 / 9:52 am

    I love these products!! Honestly a life saver aren’t they! Great blog Rachael 😘

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