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This blog post is a guest post from Becky! She is an amazing mummy blogger! You can find my answers to the questions over at Natalie’s blog 🖤
Hi I’m Becky. I’m 23 years old and I’m mummy to 1 year old Tommy.

1. How old were you when you had your first child? I was 22 years old when I had Tommy. 

2. What was the hardest thing about being pregnant for 9 months? The nausea and the having to tolerate the smell of ANYTHING. 

3. Can you think of any good things you enjoyed during those 9 months? Feeling Tommy move inside me was a crazy feeling and being able to get out of doing the hoovering! 

4. In your opinion, were all the things you heard about childbirth accurate or way off? All stories are different I suppose but I didn’t expect mine to go as bad as it did so I wish I listened to the terrible childbirth stories so I was a little more prepared. 

5. Would you have handled childbirth differently if you could re-do it? Definitely. I think now that I’ve been through it I would know what to expect and be able to try and enjoy it more because I now know how amazing and worth it it is to meet your little one at the end of it. 

6. What would be your advice for someone who is about to have a baby? TRY and keep calm and remember it’s all worth it in the end. 

7. What has been the hardest thing about being a mum? Losing most of your friends because you don’t have as much time for them anymore. 

8. What has been the most rewarding thing about being a mum? Watching the tiny human that YOU made grow into a perfect loving little character. 

9. What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being a mum? The nights at the beginning, I knew babies woke up a lot at the beginning during the night but wow I was not prepared for 20+ times a night. 

10. What is the best memory you have involving your child? Taking him to the circus when he was 9 months old and his whole face just lit up and he sat the whole 2 hours through it smiling and clapping his hands, absolutely mesmerised. 

11. What was the most exciting milestone? Definitely his first steps, I couldn’t stop crying! 

12. What is the worst thing your child has ever done? Smashed my favourite vase 😢 (by accident) 

13. What habit did you wish your child didn’t have? His dummy! Although it’s a life saviour I do wish sometimes I never introduced it! 

14. What habit of theirs makes you most proud? 

His affection toward everyone he loves. He has the biggest heart and loves giving the ones he loves the most the biggest cuddles and kisses!

15. Do you share any similarities with your child (both Physical and Personality)? The only thing he has in common with his mum is that he doesn’t like fruit unless it’s blended or in a drink. 

16. Where would you like your child to be in 10 years? Still enjoying cuddles with his mummy and doing well in school. 

17. What is something that having a child has taught you? You need the patience of a saint when you become a parent. 

18. Did you imagine that you’d be a mom at the age that you became a mom? I thought I’d be a mum a lot sooner than I was! I always wanted to be a young mum! 

19. Describe your child in a single sentence? The most loving crazy little character. 

20. How have you changed as a person since becoming a mum? Nothing is about me anymore, EVERYTHING is about him and I wouldn’t change that for the world. 

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