Trends UK Review πŸ–€

Me and Freddie were kindly gifted these amazing toys from Wire PR. I was asked to review these toys from Trends UK.

First up is the learn with Thomas Alphaphonics and Peppa’s Laugh & Learn Alphaphonics.

These retail from around Β£17.99 to Β£19.99, I’ve found the peppa one on Argos and the Thomas and friends on Amazon.

Freddie jumped on these as soon as he heard they make noises! He’s like any child I suppose.. noisy toys always seem to be best. The thing I love about these though is although they may be noisy.. they are educational too. It doesn’t matter what button Freddie presses its teaching him something.

Along the top is different settings so you can choose different types of play. It means Freddie’s not pressing the same buttons on repeat over and over again! The buttons are so easy to press. We’ve had toys before where Freddie becomes frustrated because he’s pressing things but nothings happening. It usually turns out he’s just not strong enough to press it. We haven’t had that problem with these. They definitely are easy touch!

I love how colourful they are and easy they are to see what’s on the buttons. Although there’s a lot going on on the pad, it’s not too busy.

It has been so easy to carry around the house so that it can keep Freddie entertained, whilst I try and get some jobs done. It’s also nice and lightweight which means Freddie can pick it up and bring it with him if he wants.

Freddie obviously can’t speak to tell me what he thinks yet.. but from the way he’s been playing I think he definitely approves! He loves to sit and have a dance along to the music.

The next toy Freddie got to try was the Thomas and Friends Flip and Learn Phone.

Now I don’t know about your child, but my child is obsessed with my phone! I will try anything to try and get him to stop touching it. I will try anything to try get him to swap mine for something else.

This little phone is so cute! It’s such a handy toy to have, it’s something that I can throw into the changing bag when we are going out as well.

It has loads of different features on it, it’s not just a case of pressing some numbers, it’s good at teaching your child numbers as well. If you press the ? Button it tells you to press either a colour or a number to call someone. If you press the wrong button it tells you your wrong so they can learn what they need to press.

Freddie is still slightly too young to understand this yet.. but he LOVES it when he gets it right and hears all the cheering going on! He starts clapping away to himself.

It also has a bit dedicated to taking photos! I try and teach Freddie to stand still and smile for the camera on a daily basis.. let’s hope this little phone is going to help me!! (Fingers crossed)

We’ve honestly had so much fun with these toys, they make the perfect educational gift for Christmas.. thank you so much πŸ–€

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