That parent / partner balance πŸ–€

Once you have a baby, your life suddenly changes completely. Your baby is now your entire life. It can be so hard to get the right balance to realise you are also still a partner as well as a parent. You go from living that care free life, to becoming responsible adults in the blink of an eye.

I think it is still so important to take time for yourselves. Thing is, you don’t have to find a baby sitter all the time! There’s plenty you can do at home.. as well as sometimes taking that full time out and finding someone to have your child.

Before I had Freddie.. me and Sam used to take nights away and have hotel breaks. Take a break from reality and spend some time together. Things obviously aren’t as simple as that anymore.

I am a sucker for a good old cosy movie night. Lights off, candles on, pjs on and watching a film. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. We sometimes make these plans to do it on a Saturday night, in reality it doesn’t happen like this! You need to just make sure you make the conscious effort to do it though. Plan it as if it is a date night. Decide what your guna cook for each other, get some junk food in, and decide on what film your going to watch before it happens. Then once your child is in bed, your date night at home can begin!

We were also kindly gifted a Date night box from Cupid box dates. We had SO much fun doing this. It is filled with different activities you can do! Without having to leave the house. It’s something different. You have to sit down, work together and actually communicate with each other! We actually got that carried away with it, we spent all night on basically one activity!! It means we have plenty in the bag to keep doing though!

I think another key for spending time together.. organisation! It’s still nice to be able to take that full break and go away for a night in a hotel. You maybe can’t do it as spontaneously as you used to before you had children. But plan head.. find a baby sitter months in advance if needed! Save up, then book up! It really is just a different kind of relaxing when your away from home. Manchester is one of our favourite places to go too!

Me and Sam love trying new places, so we decided this Christmas to not buy presents for each other.. but to promise this year we would book up and go to Amsterdam! Your life has changed dramatically, but that doesn’t mean you have to loose yourselves in the process!

Having a baby can have a huge strain on your relationship.. your both tired and feel like you have no time for each other. So share our the jobs that need doing, sit down and plan things together. Remember you’ve both had a baby.. you love this baby so much.. but you also love each other so much! That’s why your still together. It’s the little things that also count.. compliment each other, treat each other to something nice where you can! Even if that’s their favourite chocolate from the shop. I feel once you’ve had a child you appreciate those little things a lot more, because they are rarely come by anymore!

Also little tip.. did you also know Empire Cinemas offer a deal on a Tuesday for cheap tickets.. who said date nights have to be on a weekend!?

Grab your diaries, find a date.. and organise yourselves a date night. Whatever that’s in the house or going out! You deserve it. Remind yourself how much you love each other, and why your together! I couldn’t have done parenthood without my partner, and I’m lucky to have him by my side. And that’s something I know I don’t let him know enough πŸ–€

It’s about spending time together and making memories, not the big fancy flash date nights that make spending time with your partner fun! πŸ–€

This blog post is written in collaboration with the Mother Hen Club! I am now a Mother Hen and will be creating blog posts for them πŸ–€ check them out on Instagram @motherhenclub or have a look at their website!! Mother Hen Club πŸ–€ It is an amazing place for mums and mums to be to offer them support and advice.

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  1. February 2, 2019 / 7:38 am

    This is so true !! It can be really difficult to make time as you’re both wrapped up in life and looking after the kid(s), but it is so important.


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