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I am all for trying to dress nicely, whilst keeping the cost as low as possible. We all know being a mum means we 1. You don’t have much time to get ready, and 2. You don’t have any spare money after you’ve spent it all on your little one(s).

I had quite a lot of requests to do a mum fashion blog post so here it is! I’m going to show you some of my favourite outfits.. which didn’t cost me a bomb.. and took all of 2 minutes to throw on. They are also things which can be mixed and matched.. which means even cheaper!!! Because you can still make it look different!

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this outfit! And I am obsessed with it. These dungaree dresses are LIFE.. honestly you can put so much underneath them and it can change the look completely! This was a casual/ cosy daytime outfit!

This one I paired it up with a thinner top, so it can still be worn on warmer days!!

I got this dungaree dress from Fearlesss where if your lucky there may be discount codes on when you look! It’s an amazing website!

Following on from this, this is a new one of my fav dresses too..

This pinafore dress is from I saw it first.. this dress was £6… yes £6!!! It was an absolute steal, how could I not get it! Again imagine all the stuff you can put underneath this to make it look nice! I wanted something smart casual which is why I went for this leopard print body suit which is from Nasty Gal. It’s another fav website of mine.. where there are ALWAYS discount codes flying around! This body suit cost me £9. So this whole outfit.. including boots and tights will have cost me around £24!! And all of it can be worn with plenty of different things.. money well spent I would say!

Last night I also uploaded this outfit to my instagram.. which went down an absolute treat!

I needed to make an effort, without looking too dressed up.. but still looking nice! So this is what I went for! This skirt is from Dress like me fashion. The quality of this skirt is honestly amazing. You can use code RACHAEL10 for 10% off this website! You won’t be upset with the clothes you get from this website! Again this skirt is something which can be dressed right up! Or dressed down with a jumper! I honestly do love multi-use clothes!!!

Seen as it’s still so crazy cold out.. I love nothing more than making sure I’m warm.. teddy coats are one of my fav things EVER this autumn winter!!

They are just so warm, snuggly and stylish! I’ve got these type of jackets in black, grey and nude.. because why wouldn’t I! At least I know I have something that will match any outfit now! This black one was around £25 thanks to a 50% off code over at I Saw It First!

I think Freddie agrees that Teddy coats are just the comfiest things ever.

I don’t know if you have noticed a theme with any of my photos.. but just incase you haven’t!! Your must haves to go with any and every outfit is some nice boots! They are my life savers for outfits during the winter. In fact I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do once it gets warmer outside. Again you don’t have to spend a lot of money on shoes. The ankle boots were around £10ish from Primark and there was so many different colours! My over the knee boots were around £20ish, but trust me I’ve had my moneys worth!

I do still have my complete dress down days which may consist of some leggings and a jumper.. but I also love jeans and a t-shirt too!

You just can’t go wrong… ever… with t-shirts and jeans! Trust me!

The last outfit I want to share with you on this blog post is my birthday night out outfit! Again the outfit didn’t cost me much, and it’s very rare us mamas get out anymore! So why shouldn’t we treat ourselves to something new!

I was being a usual DIVA before my night out, and was having melt downs around what outfit I should wear! I couldn’t have been happier with the end result! The lace body suit was from Nasty Gal for £9 and these gorgeous paper bag trousers were from Dress like me fashion and they are £18.50 (discount code RACHAEL10 for 10% off too). So again I got a whole outfit for under £30 to go out in.

I promise you, if you look in the right places you don’t have to spend a million dollars to look a million dollars!

I hope this has helped.. feel free to tag me in any outfit inspo photos you may have got from my blog! @rachaelbaty. I love to see what people are wearing and how they have styled their things!

This blog post is written in collaboration with the Mother Hen Club! I am now a Mother Hen and will be creating blog posts for them 🖤 check them out on Instagram @motherhenclub or have a look at their website!! Mother Hen Club 🖤 It is an amazing place for mums and mums to be to offer them support and advice.

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