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From quite an early age I’ve tried to get Freddie into a routine, however saying that.. I’m also quite flexible with it! I still let Freddie take the lead and he basically tells me what routine he wants. His nap times are forever changing along with his bedtime.

I thought I would share with you our current routine. I know sometimes it can be SO hard to get into the right routine. What works for us, might not work for others, but it may be able to help give someone a little guidance if your struggling!

Wake up- Freddie usually wakes up between 8:00-8:30. Before anyone says oh my gosh I wish my child slept until that time.. Freddie does not sleep through! So I think he does wake a little later than others! Once he’s awake we go downstairs pop on baby TV and have some cuddles (or sometimes he gets up and plays straight away!)

Breakfast- Freddie usually lets me know when he’s hungry by grabbing my hand and marching me to the kitchen! This tends to be anywhere between 9:00 and 9:30. I try and vary what he has for breakfast, but if I’m being honest it’s usually wheetabix or toast.

Playtime- its all back to playtime after breakfast! It depends what we are doing with our day to decide how quickly I get him dressed! Sometimes I don’t bother until after lunch (bad mum!). I just see it as a bit pointless sometimes he makes so much mess and is dribbling a lot due to teething, so means I would only have to change him again! Obviously if we are going anywhere I do get him changed.

Snacks- Freddie tends to have a mid morning snack around 11:00-11:30. Kiddylicious and organix snacks are our fav go to snacks at the moment!

Lunch- Freddie has his lunch around 12:30. What he has for lunch completely varies! Beans on toast is a quick strong favourite though I must admit!

Quick play- Freddie has a quick play after lunch before his nap! He soon let’s me know when he’s ready!

Nap time- Freddie tends to go down for a nap around 1:30. This nap can last anywhere from an hour to 2 hours. If he’s had a midmorning nap (this doesn’t happen as much now) he will nap later in the afternoon and only have around 45 minutes.

Wake-up and play- yup, you’ve guessed it.. after nap time it’s play time! This tends to be when I try get us out the house for a bit as well if we’ve been inside all day. Even if it’s just a quick walk to the shop! I always think it’s good to get some fresh air into our day somehow!

Tea time- tea time is around 5:30 when I can manage it! Sometimes it’s hard on days I work and ends up a little later! But I always have tea cooking in the slow cooker on those days so it’s ready to go!

Wind down, tidy up- after tea it’s wind down time! I make sure baby TV is on and I start tidying away all Freddie’s toys! He sometimes helps, he sometimes undoes everything I’m doing and gets it all back out to play with! It all depends on how helpful he’s feeling on the day! I always leave a few toys out for him whilst I’m getting on with stuff.

Bath time- We start bath time around 6:45.. by the time I’ve run the bath and chased Freddie around to get him undressed, he’s usually in the bath by 7pm. He usually has around 20 minutes in the bath! He LOVES it in there! If he’s tired though I obviously cut it short! After the bath we sing songs whilst I’m drying him and getting him into his pjs! I love this bonding time with him at this time of the night. We actually have so much fun and laugh so much!

Bottle and bed- I usually have Freddie in his bed having his bottle by 7:45pm. I then turn the light of whilst he has his bottle, turn on his Whisbear for white noise and let him settle down. He tends to be asleep by 8pm latest. He’s quite good at going off to sleep by himself.. he never used to be though! I used to be in and out a million times.

During the night- so as I said earlier.. Freddie does not sleep through. I have tried everything! He’s just one of those babies! He tends to be up around twice in the night, once somewhere between 10pm-11pm and then again around 4am-5am. There’s the odd times he’s only up once usually in the middle. He tends to have a little bit of bottle and goes back to sleep. However if he’s teething it’s a whole different ball game! He can become really distressed during the night and take a while to settle back off. It must be awful for them though!

Just remember, when trying to set a routine for your baby.. let your baby lead you! Every baby is completely different. People and book can give you guidelines, but that’s all they are.. for guidance. They aren’t rule books! Because every single baby is different.

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  1. February 22, 2019 / 8:36 pm

    This is so similar to Darcie’s routine except with have school runs. But Darcie does not sleep through either and ends up in bed with us every night. So glad you said he has toast or weetabix for breakfast, haven’t got time for pancakes or mini fry ups haha xxx

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