The Baby Show πŸ–€

I thought I would pop on and tell you about my experience going to the baby show in London.

I was lucky enough to be invited to The Baby Show by MAM for a blogger breakfast morning. I’ve never been to The Baby Show before, and I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity!

The MAM blogger morning consisted of some amazing talks, tea/ coffee and some pastries.. what more could you want on a morning! I really enjoyed the talks they had on.. there was one on combination feeding which I throughly enjoyed. It made such a difference hearing from people it’s okay to bottle feed. I always felt a bit isolated and judged because I didn’t breast feed for long (maybe I will do a blog post on this?) But to hear people actually say.. it’s okay to not exclusively breast feed it’s not for everyone.. instantly made me feel relaxed! Obviously breast feeding is AMAZING, no one was ever saying that it’s not! However seriously it makes a difference for a bottle feeding mum actually hearing some advice and support for this. There was also a talk about sippy cups and oral hygiene.

Have you all met MAMs brushy the bear? If not, why not? They have recently launched some new toothbrushes, which is the brushy the bear range! There’s several different age range toothbrushes so you can start them early!

If anyone is thinking of going to The Baby Show.. I would definitely recommend it! You have A LOT of brands all under one roof. It may seem a little overwhelming, but actually it’s amazing to walk around and compare the different things you were thinking of buying.. and the different brands which sell them.

Not only that.. there are some AMAZING discounts to be found on the day! There was even a track where you can test out prams on different surfaces to see what it would be like.

If your an expectant mum or have a baby it’s honestly the perfect place! There was still things for older kids and toddlers too!

I can guarantee if you have any burning questions about products and what requirements you need.. you will find your answer here. Becoming a mum really is overwhelming there’s suddenly all this stuff you need to learn, all the safety stuff you never even thought about.. and how much stuff you need!!

There’s also fashion shows and talks so you can have a rest from all the walking around! Because trust me.. it is a lot of walking around! Who doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy though? Especially when it comes to your kids!!

It’s a great place where you can take your kids with you too. I personally chose not to take Freddie because of how far away it was for me. I did a long drive to get there so I chose not to take him. Plus he really enjoys running around now so he wouldn’t have stayed in his pram all day.. and that would have been a slight disaster if I let him run free!!

I believe there’s plenty more dates coming up and they are quite a few a year! I honestly wish I had known about them whilst I was pregnant, I definitely would have gone!! There’s always the next baby though, right!?

I also think I’m going to go to the one in Birmingham in May, so I may see some of you there!!


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