Our Love Story 🖤

I thought I would dedicate this post to how me and my partner met.. so you can get a bit more of an insight into our relationship!

Incase you didn’t know, my partner is called Sam and we have been together 7 and a half years.

I wasn’t actually looking for anyone when I met Sam, but sometimes it’s true what they say.. things happen when you least expect it.

It was either the 8th/ 9th July 2011 (I think), I don’t know the exact date I’m just going off Facebook and when I uploaded a photo! I was on a night out with my girls. We were out celebrating one of their birthdays!

Yes we were out in some sort of matching outfits!!

I was in a ‘club’ if that’s what you can call it in Richmond called The Fleece. Richmond is very limited for its nightlife! Even more so now The Fleece has shut down! I was at the bar and I was speaking to a mutual friend of mine and Sams (I didn’t really know Sam at this time, knew of him but had never spoken). I was actually telling his friend he still owed me a shot from my birthday which was back in February.. I think that was me just trying to get a free drink! The shots were only £1 and Sam overheard us. He said something along the lines of ‘is it seriously only £1 your after here I will buy it’.

That was our conversation starter.. he tried to convince me he had a different name. The name he was using was a bit of a giveaway that he was lying I mean who is called Tarquin Finlin Bintin Biscuitbarrel!? I’ve got to give him credit though, he was adamant he wanted to roll with that story even after I pulled him up on Facebook! We spoke a lot that night but then that was that and went home our separate ways.

I received a text message off my best friend a week later I think it was as she had gone out again the following weekend. She said Sam had asked for my number and could she pass it on. I was a bit sceptical I wasn’t really sure whether she should or not, like I said I was not looking for a relationship.. but there was something about him and I obviously was attracted to him so I told her to go ahead.

He pulled out all the stops over text, he was a right charmer! But I found out he was going on a lads holiday in a few weeks. I thought that was game over really! We all have this image of lads on holiday don’t we!? That image stuck in my head of him meeting someone else or just getting with loads of girls. I thought it had only been a few weeks I was speaking to him though so I would just have to get over it! Whilst he was away I was receiving text messages and Facebook messages a lot, which I thought was a bit weird.. but it felt nice to think he was still thinking about me!

He then returned and in July I was going to a festival with a lot of his friends (which he wasn’t going to). It wasn’t planned I had booked a ticket with my friend, who was cousins with one of his friends so we ended up going with them. I was being told all weekend how he had not stopped going on about me on the holiday! They kept telling me how we needed to go on a date together. We had obviously met a few times on nights out and spoken but it was never anything more than that and text messages. Dates hadn’t been on the cards yet. One of mine and Sams strong common interests have always been music!

I was at university at the time I met Sam but coming home every weekend. I soon came to realise that we were just as stupid as each other!

He really did do some grafting.. then finally on 16th August 2011 we became ‘official’.

Our relationship has been far from perfect, and we have been through A LOT! Stuff that I really feel we shouldn’t have been through, stupid mistakes and decisions made! I am however a strong believer in everything happens for a reason, and we have become stronger and stronger with every hurdle we have overcome.

I don’t think either of us thought at the beginning of our relationship that 7 and a half years later we would be settled in our own house with a mortgage, and have a baby together… still no ring though, just saying!!! (He’s probably going to add another 20 years for me saying that now as well!)


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