Choo Choo Train sandpit 🖤

We were kindly gifted the amazing Choo Choo Train sandpit from The Play Experts.

I must admit Freddie has been a bit deprived of garden toys due to us sorting the garden. He is such an outdoor kid that I was really excited to receive this for him!

The website was easy to navigate and delivery was really quick!

I did a bit of a typical girl thing when I realised how many parts there was.. I told Sam he had to make it instead of myself. I do get easily lost and frustrated with things like that!

When Sam got all the bits out the box, he did say.. I may have to read the instructions for this to make sure I get it right. He was being a typical man and thinking he could do it without!

Sam said how easy it was to put together. He told me that all the bags were numbered and it was made as easy as possible for him to build!

Of course Freddie wanted to play the second it was taken out the box. Even if that meant walking over the pieces and getting in the way as much as he possibly could! Sam still managed to build it easily (and correctly!) with all the distractions going on.

It wasn’t long until it started to take shape, and I was getting more and more excited when I realised the size it was going to be! Freddie would be in his element playing with it.

Unfortunately we had a few technical issues and our screwdriver ran out of charge along the way (our fault for not charging before doing it). So this meant we had to go back to it another day. It was big enough for Sam to store the other bits in to keep them protected for when we went back to it.

Next time around, Freddie just had to get in on the action and ‘help’ daddy build his sandpit! It was amazing watching him play and copy along the way. I knew that in itself was an amazing way for Freddie to be learning.

As soon as the wheel was put in place.. from that moment Freddie realised it was the best thing EVER! Freddie is obsessed with driving things and turning wheels. He will do it at any given opportunity! We struggled to get him away from the wheel to finish off and get the sand in place for him. He didn’t understand that his toy was about to get A LOT better!

Through the tantrums of dragging Freddie away whilst we finished it.. he soon worked out it was for his own benefit and we weren’t just being cruel. His face lit up when he saw the finished product. He didn’t waste any time getting stuck right into it!

The train has a bench at the back which can be used for any storage. It’s a good size as well to put stuff in. It has a wheel at the front where the kids can drive their train. The main part of the train is obviously a sandpit, but it doesn’t finish there.. the front of the train is also a tunnel that the kids can crawl through. It also comes with a cover for when your not using it to keep the sand dry.

The Choo Choo train sandpit retails currently at £149 (RRP £194.99). It can be purchased on this link…

It may seem pricey for a ‘sandpit’, however it is so much more than that! There’s so many different features that the kids can have hours of fun with. In my opinion it is money well spent, and worth every penny!

It was definitely a thumbs up from Freddie, and if he’s happy with the product.. then I am more than happy with it!


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