The Polar Express 🖤

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaarrrr!

Does anyone else just love Christmas? It’s honestly my favourite time of the year. I feel like although it may become stressful at time’s.. it’s just so full of joy, love, laughter and amazing memories.

We are slowly starting to begin our own family traditions for Christmas as up until now Freddie has been a little too young to understand it all. This year has brought a whole new meaning to Christmas! He’s just as obsessed as I am. We did something this year that was the most magical experience that I really wanted to share with you all.

We were kindly gifted tickets to go on The Polar Express. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have been able to experience something so amazing.

The magical journey begins from the second you receive your golden ticket through the post. They look exactly like you would want them to. The magic continues from the first step into the car park. The car park was a little further away from the railway station.. but that didn’t matter at all! Waiting for us in the car park was a double decker bus heading to The Polar Express. It was such a lovely experience seeing everyone in their pjs waiting and getting all excited. We even managed to persuade my Dad to wear a dressing gown on top of his Christmas jumper! I think he was pleased he did otherwise he would have been the one sticking out in the crowd.

As the bus pulled up to the railway we were welcomed by a few cute little market stalls selling food and sweet treats ready for your magical ride. After this waiting through a beautiful Christmas archway was a room full of people so excited ready to go. The Polar Express film was playing in the background for entertainment whilst you waited. After this there was then entertainers who came onto the stage to tell you all about the magic of Christmas and how important it was to make people believe. We sang carols, danced and clapped along. Freddie was absolutely mesmerised. I was worried because he doesn’t sit still for 2 minutes! However he wanted to be held so he could get a good view of what was going on and sang away himself.

The curtains then opened to take us through to the platform to await The Polar Express! There was flashing lights, beautiful decorations and even SNOW! Yep, they made it snow. It was truly amazing. We all awaited and then heard the steam train coming down the tracks. All the children’s faces lit up.. it was amazing to watch.


We all then boarded ready for our magical ride. Inside was an old fashioned steam train decorated for Christmas just like you would want it. Throughout the whole journey there was actors playing the parts of the hobo and chefs who kept us more than entertained. There was singing, dancing and story telling all before the perfect arrival of the big man himself. We call my Dad grumpy grandad.. and there’s a perfectly good reason for that. He couldn’t even help himself singing and dancing away. He caught himself the Christmas bug!! We were all handed got chocolates and cookies to enjoy as well. As all of this was going on the train conductor was also going around stamping your golden ticket, and leaving you a personal touch. They stamped in the first initial of everyone’s name on their tickets for a lovely keep sake.

Then the bit we had all been waiting for, Santa arrived to spread his Christmas cheer and to make sure everyone truly believed. Every single person on the train was handed a bell. Just like the movie. I can’t even begin to explain how good Santa looked.. the real Santa clearly came to take part in the whole thing. Even though he had lots of people to see, he sat down with every child spoke to them and got photos with them. Freddie had started to become scared of Santa, but not this time. This was different, he was fixated and couldn’t look away.

We then pulled back up to the platform to exit, there was a gorgeous shop to walk through where you could get all your souvenirs to treasure forever. That’s if your bell and your ticket weren’t enough for you. Freddie fell in love with a gorgeous polar bear teddy that his Great Grandma nicely treat him too.

The double decker buses were then lined up ready to take us back to our cars.

The attention to detail throughout the whole experience was perfect. I understand the tickets may be on the expensive side for some people, but I promise you are not wasting your money. You completely pay for what you get on this magic Christmas ride. It’s something which is perfect for the whole family. It really will get you all into the festive spirit, and make sure you all leave as believers.


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