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You are not alone 🖤

This blog will be short and sweet but I think it’s probably one of the most important things I will write about. After it has come to light again in the media recently, I want…

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Pregnancy announcements 🖤

Okay, so I’ve decided to write my next blog and take it right back to the beginning. This one will be all about the day I found out, how I told my partner and parents…

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My pregnancy 🖤

How amazing is pregnancy really? A woman’s body is growing this new life inside them! It’s actually the most incredible thing ever. I am aware some people absolutely love pregnancy, some absolutely hate it. Let’s…

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Introductions 🖤

Hi everyone, So I thought I would make my first blog nice and easy! I’m going to stick to introductions and tell you all a bit about me and Freddie! My names Rachael and I…

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