Festival must haves! 🖤

Well seen as I go to Creamfields on Friday morning, which I am SO excited about. I thought I would tell you what I feel must go with you to a festival! There's quite a few festivals which happen on the August bank holiday weekend. Your first hardest choice of the weekend.. picking those cute... Continue Reading →

9 month update 🖤

Can we all just take a second here.. I can't actually believe my baby is 9 months today! This year is passing by within the blink of an eye, but it is shaping out to be the best year EVER! So I thought I would give you an update of what my gorgeous little boy... Continue Reading →

Whisbear review 🖤

I was lucky enough to be gifted a Whisbear to review, so I wanted to share with you all how we have got on with it so far! I will start off with.. what is Whisbear? Whisbear is a humming bear sleep aid which also has a cry sensor! It monitors background noise throughout the... Continue Reading →

Weaning 🖤

I thought I would share with you our weaning journey! I find weaning completely overwhelming! I feel there's just so many rules your supposed to stick to, and knowing what to look out for.. it was hard at first! But I feel I was just making it more complicated than it needed to be! We... Continue Reading →

Snuz Pouch Review 🖤

I was lucky enough to be gifted a Snuz Pouch to try and see what I thought of it. For anyone who doesn't know what a Snuz Pouch is, it's a sleeping bag for babies. It comes in loads of different sizes, patterns and colours.. so there's definitely something for everyone! Personally I have always... Continue Reading →

The big move 🖤

Before your read this blog and think I have moved house whilst having Freddie, that is not the case. Whilst some of you think this may or may not be a big move for you... for me it definitely was. Having your baby move into their room for the first ever time! To me it... Continue Reading →

Nuby must haves! 🖤

This was a blog I just HAD to write. After recently trying some new Nuby products, I have found some things that I feel EVERY mum must have! Obviously I have come across Nuby before.. but I was lucky enough to try some of their stuff I hadn't previously bought and so far I have... Continue Reading →

The next chapter 🖤

Following on from my last blog which was about my labour, that is where one chapter ended and another one began! 17/11/17 is where we began our journey as a family unit. As much as I would love this post to be a fairytale fantasy about how easy being a mum is, in reality this... Continue Reading →

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