Organix Pea Puffs 🖤

I don't know about your child, but Freddie absolutely LOVES snacks! I was so excited when I was contacted by Organix to see if we wanted to try their new pea puff snacks! For anyone who hasn't already heard of Organix, their brand is amazing! They believe in a no junk promise.. for me as... Continue Reading →

Eczema and us 🖤

Ever since the beginning I have tried to be really careful with Freddie's skin.. both me and Sam had childhood eczema! I was seeing if I could manage to prevent it.. When Freddie was around 3 months old I was starting to notice a lot of dry patches appearing! I had heard such good things... Continue Reading →

10 month update 🖤

So I realise I'm a week late with this one! But better late than never hey? A week ago my gorgeous little boy turned 10 months old.. 10 months, double figures!! I can't actually believe it! Time seems to literally be flying by me. He still amazes me every single day! He's starting to copy... Continue Reading →

Bakerdays 🖤

Sam's birthday was fast approaching, and I felt so unorganised! This is not like me.. I normally have all his presents and his surprises sorted (Sam is my partner not my child for anyone who doesn't know). I absolutely love to surprise and spoil him for his birthday. But now with having a baby we... Continue Reading →

My c-section recovery 🖤

Whenever anyone thinks of labour, I'm sure most people don't think it will end in an emergency c-section! I used to watch all the one born every minute programmes, but it never crossed my mind that I would have an emergency. I went into labour very open minded, everyone is different and you don't know... Continue Reading →

Little Butterfly London 🖤

I was gifted these gorgeous items from Little Butterfly London to try! I was so excited to try them! Can we first of all just talk about his packaging? How cute is it seriously. It's so simple but effective! I always think the packaging really helps to make the product. It makes you want to... Continue Reading →

Back to work 🖤

My maternity leave is fast approaching the end, and I am absolutely gutted! I go back to work on 19th November.. just after Freddie's first birthday! Do not get me wrong, I am one of those lucky people who LOVE their job, but I will seriously miss spending after day with my little side kick.... Continue Reading →

Freddie and the Paw Patrol 🖤

Me and Freddie were really excited to be gifted a personalised Paw Patrol book from Penwizard! Before anyone says anything, of course Freddie is too young to read.. however saying this I think reading to your baby is really important! It's really good for their development. And Freddie also LOVES it. It's a bit of... Continue Reading →

Festival must haves! 🖤

Well seen as I go to Creamfields on Friday morning, which I am SO excited about. I thought I would tell you what I feel must go with you to a festival! There's quite a few festivals which happen on the August bank holiday weekend. Your first hardest choice of the weekend.. picking those cute... Continue Reading →

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