Our daily routine 🖤

From quite an early age I've tried to get Freddie into a routine, however saying that.. I'm also quite flexible with it! I still let Freddie take the lead and he basically tells me what routine he wants. His nap times are forever changing along with his bedtime. I thought I would share with you... Continue Reading →

Eczema and us 🖤

Ever since the beginning I have tried to be really careful with Freddie's skin.. both me and Sam had childhood eczema! I was seeing if I could manage to prevent it.. When Freddie was around 3 months old I was starting to notice a lot of dry patches appearing! I had heard such good things... Continue Reading →

Weaning 🖤

I thought I would share with you our weaning journey! I find weaning completely overwhelming! I feel there's just so many rules your supposed to stick to, and knowing what to look out for.. it was hard at first! But I feel I was just making it more complicated than it needed to be! We... Continue Reading →

The next chapter 🖤

Following on from my last blog which was about my labour, that is where one chapter ended and another one began! 17/11/17 is where we began our journey as a family unit. As much as I would love this post to be a fairytale fantasy about how easy being a mum is, in reality this... Continue Reading →

You are not alone 🖤

This blog will be short and sweet but I think it's probably one of the most important things I will write about. After it has come to light again in the media recently, I want to do a quick blog on mental health awareness. I want people to know where they can go for support.... Continue Reading →

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